The Magic is in the Machine™

Designed more for those serious about fitness, the E-Series range is equipped with the revolutionary Endless Pools® Swim Machine propulsion system. Providing a smoother, more consistent current that spans the width of the pool, this type of water flow delivers a realistic feel, mimicking an actual pool or fixed body of water.

Underwater Treadmill

Optional – yet essential –the Endless Pools Fitness Systems hydraulically powered underwater treadmill allows you to vary the speed from gentle walking to an invigorating run. For a more challenging workout, turn on the swim current for resistance against your core, leg and upper body muscle groups. The underwater treadmill’s low-impact running and walking options give you all the cardiovascular benefits without the bone-jarring effects often felt with land-based exercise.

Rowing Machine

Expand the performance of your Endless Pools Fitness System with optional rowing a resistance gear. The row bars attach easily to built-in anchors and/or handrails and provide a low-impact, full body workout. Rowing is so beneficial because it keeps your heart rate elevated and focuses on core strength. Attach resistance bands to the sturdy handrails to increase the degree of difficulty.

Fitness Accessories

Underwater Mirror

Swimmers can see themselves swim in place and critique their form using the optional 24” x 51” stainless steel mirror. It can be easily placed on the floor of any fitness or exercise system (not recommended for fitness systems with underwater treadmill installed) and its weight distribution ensures it stays in place.

Swim Tether Set

All fitness and exercise systems come equipped with an anchor for attaching a swim tether, which is available as an optional accessory. It’s a must for beginning swimmers or for anyone looking to improve his or her swimming form, by adding further assistance.

Pace Displays

The optional pace display is a necessity for any swim machine and/or treadmill user. It allows for easy reading of the swim current pace and/or treadmill speed during exercise and can be toggled from meters to yards or viewed as a percentage, from 0 to 100, of the total output usage. It’s recommended that users have individual pace displays for their swim machine and treadmill to allow for use simultaneously.


The Endless Pools Fit@Home App allows you to control your Fitness System using any smart device. Easily set the pace and duration of the swim current, underwater treadmill or both!

Fit@Home also acts as a smart display allowing you to see your swim and treadmill speed and duration while you exercise.

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