Therapeutic Relief for Aches and Pain

Your Endless Pools Fitness System is the sort of warm aquatic environment that can provide therapeutic relief for everyday or chronic aches and pains through low-impact activities. Utilising natural resistance, complete body workouts can tone and strengthen all your major muscle groups simultaneously and deliver great results with less impact on muscles and joints than walking or cycling.

Resistance or Recovery

The beauty of training in water is that it can offer both intense resistance training from the opposition of the water against your legs and arms – just pump up your activity to get a high-intensity workout – or you can use the supportive buoyancy of water to reduce impact on your joints or aid in targeted muscle recovery.

Massage away your worries

Warm water has been used as physiotherapy for decades. It can relieve muscle tension and soreness by assisting the reduction of lactic acid, it can help speed recovery from injuries, it opens the blood vessels to improve your circulation, it can relax the muscles around arthritic joints and it promotes the flow of endorphins. But a massage in your heated Endless Pools Fitness System goes one better. That’s because, when combined with a moment of relaxation from the worries of daily life, hydrotherapy is also mentally therapeutic. Remember to speak to a medical practitioner before changing your health routine.

Experience therapeutic relief in an Endless Pools Fitness System

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