The health benefits of a swim spa, and more

More than a luxurious accessory for your home, your Endless Pools Fitness System offers many therapeutic benefits. Stress reduction and relief, soothing sore joints and muscles, and simply feeling better about yourself. The soothing warmth and buoyancy of the heated water makes it a safe, ideal environment for relieving arthritis pain and stiffness. In addition, the buoyancy helps those who are unable to exercise on dry land due to physical reasons.

Warm Water Therapy

Warm water raises the body's temperature, causing blood vessels to dilate and increasing your circulation and blood flow. Soaking in the soothing warmth of your Endless Pools Fitness System can help relieve tension, sore muscles, even headaches and chronic pain, by improving circulation. The warmth of the water and the pulsating jets provide a pleasurable massage experience, releasing tension and tightness. Endless Pools Fitness Systems can also be used to help people with osteoporosis, as the buoyancy obtained in a spa pool, along with light exercise performed underwater, can increase mobility and strength. Furthermore, soaking in the warmth helps to relieve stress and anxiety, inducing a more restful sleep when you go to bed. Remember to speak to a medical practitioner before changing your health routine.

Tension relieving massage

Owning an Endless Pools Fitness System is like having your personal masseuse on call, at your place, at any time of the day or night. Just sit back in the warm water and allow the carefully positioned hydro jets massage every inch of your body. You’ll find seating positions within an Endless Pools Fitness System purpose-built for a full back massage plus precision jets designed to target specific muscles, like calves for example. Simply adjust jet direction and power to get the exact stimulation you desire.

Swim, Exercise, Relax

Enjoy backyard living at its finest with a pool, spa and fitness system all in one. Swim, relax, exercise and enjoy increased quality time with your family and friends. These beautifully sculpted spas, combining hydrotherapy jet seats, an underwater treadmill and the Endless Pools Fitness Systems swim current, can turn your home into an oasis for year-round exercise, relaxation and fun. No other pool offers such a complete solution for your health and wellbeing.

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